SeeStar: Next-Gen Digital Telescope | Beginner & Advanced Astronomers | Product Overview & Deep Dive

Astroworkz presenter Simon Lewis takes an exclusive look at the new ZWO SeeStar Next Gen Digital Telescope. SeeStar offers a combination of mount, telescope and camera in one compact package that uses a mobile app for Android and IOS devices as the control panel. This new telescope has been designed for the complete newcomer to astronomy and astro imaging as well as being highly portable and even includes its own batteries. We take a look at what SeeStars is, what it isn't, take a tour round the hardware and mobile app and look who who we think this telescope is aimed aimed at. We also take a look at some of the sample images from our first beta test runs and answer some of the many questions appearing on the social page pages. We will be covering off more SeeStar videos as our beta testing progresses so do subscribe so we can keep you up to date, and we will also be offering some support videos on how to set up your SeeStar, operate it and process images captured by it.

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