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Intelligent Workflow

Seestar is a compact body that integrates a telescope, electrcial focuser, astronomical camera, ASIAIR, altazimuth mount, dew heater, and filter wheel, all weighing only 2.5kg.

Intelligent Workflow

Seestar is a compact body that integrates a telescope, electrcial focuser, astronomical camera, ASIAIR, altazimuth mount, dew heater, and filter wheel, all weighing only 2.5kg.


The Seestar S50 is a perfect blend of telescope and camera, providing exceptional experiences for astronomy and landscape observations.

It serves as an ideal companion for exploring the marvels of the universe, whether you're indoors or outdoors.

Wirelessly connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Seamlessly connect wirelessly through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Stay powered up by recharging it with a cell-phone power bank while in use. Get up to 6 hours of battery life per charge.

Capture photos and videos in Solar, Lunar, and Scenery modes.

Capture stellar photos and videos in Deep Space Object Imaging (Stargazing Mode).

Built-in Duo-band Filters

Enhance the quality of your captures with the Seestar S50's duo-band light pollution filter, reducing the impact of urban light pollution and moonlight.

* Bandwidth: OIII 30nm / Hα 20nm

* Manual Duo-band Filter Switching in the App

* Bandwidth: OIII 30nm / Hα 20nm

* Manual Duo-band Filter Switching in the App

with a duo-band filter

with a duo-band filter

without a duo-band filter

without a duo-band filter

White Light Solar Filters

The S50 solar filter features a metal-coated outer surface and an absorbing material within the substrate.

* Bandpass: 580-630nm
* Optical Density: One hundred thousandth (Blocks 99.999%, ND 5)

* Bandpass: 580-630nm
* Optical Density: One hundred thousandth (Blocks 99.999%, ND 5)

Seestar S50 Solar Filter Photography

Seestar S50 Solar Filter Photography

Regular Solar Filter Photography

Regular Solar Filter Photography

Lightweight Design

Highly integrated all-in-one smart telescope

Clean and Low Noise Images

Triplet apochromatic optics

Built-in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

Dual-mode reliable connection

Intelligent Image Post Processing

Just one click before sharing

Smart Control

Enhance your stargazing experience with Auto GoTo, tracking, and plate solving capabilities through our innovative mobile app.

Auto GoTo & Tracking

Grab your phone and get ready for a stellar experience! Unlock tonight's top-notch features like the GoTo target, live star database view, and more. Plus, our auto voice broadcast will keep you in the loop on the imaging progress.

Image Enhancement

Seestar S50 allows for the formation of captivating visuals by employing the live stacking mode. With each image captured, a symphony of vibrant tones and intricate details shall unfold before you.

Built-in Filters

Calibration frames available through built-in dark filter for post processing.

Global Astro Community

Join the Astropix Revolution! Share, StarGaze, and Spark Conversations with #Seestar on AstroNet.

Seestar Tripod

The Seestar S50 comes with a complimentary compact tripod for convenience during observations and photography.

Enhance the versatility of your astrophotography setup with Seestar S50. Connect it to various photography tripods through a 3/8" screw thread for stable and precise positioning.

* The tripod features a 363mm maximum extended height and a 274.5mm compact storage length.


Customer Reviews

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I am planning to buy the telescope. you write that planetary photography is planned for later versions. Are you referring to a different device or to a software update for the current one?

Thank you for your interest in Seestar. The upcoming update will include planetary mode. Feel free to proceed with your purchase, and you can look forward to exploring the fascinating world of planetary photography with Seestar. Happy stargazing! ✨

Old guy new tricks. Thrilled

Absolutely thrilled. At 62 years old I just can’t wrap my head around all the tech required for astrophotography using DSLR or dedicated cameras. The Seestar has amazed this old man and brought a desire to learn more about this incredible art…science…sport…hobby.
Thank you ZWO.
I will buy every new bigger badder version of this system forever. Thank you for letting unsophisticated people finally have a chance to take part.

Thanks a bunch for sharing your experience! It's never too late to start astrophotography. We hope you have a blast exploring this interest. Just like our motto says: Make Astrophotography Easy & Fun. Our goal is for people of all ages to effortlessly dive into this hobby!
If you ever have questions or need guidance along your journey, feel free to reach out. Happy stargazing!

Reinhard Voelkel
Great tool for beginners and travelling!

I tested the S50 at the Annular Solar Eclipse (Oct 14, 2023) in the Valley of the Gods (Utah). Great experience. We could even see the mountains on the moon when the shadow of the moon touched the rim. My friend's Zeiss APQ Refraktor delivered slightly shaper images, but with so much more effort. I hope we will get a S50+ or S50 Pro with higher resolution very soon.

Thank you for sharing your fantastic experience with the Seestar S50 during the Annular Solar Eclipse! We're delighted that you enjoyed it. Your feedback is invaluable, and we're always striving to enhance our products. Maybe you can look forward to “S80”! Hahaha

Thanks for being a part of the Seestar community! Clear Skies!

Is it possible to see and follow in real time the Full Moon (all) on a pc screen?

Is it possible to See and follow the complete full moon (not just a part) on a mac book screen? (I need to share it on zoom meetings)
Is the S50 able to zoom in and out the moon from full to some details?
Is it possible to try the s50 software on a mac before to buy it?
Thank you

Hi, Fabio. Certainly! We are delighted to inform you that our Seestar software enables you to zoom in and out on the moon, allowing you to explore both the overall view and specific details. If you wish to experience Seestar, you can easily find and download it from the Mac App Store by searching for 'Seestar.' Thank you for your interest!

Anastasis Vele
Price, import, custom fees?

Hello, why is this big deference in price?
I live in Europe.
Do i pay any import, custom fee if i order from you for 499USD?

Hello, our price only covers the cost of the product itself and does not include any taxes. The amount of taxes depends on the local government policies. However, I'm pleased to inform you that shipping is included for this product, and there are no additional shipping charges. : )