An In-Depth Look at the Features of Seestar S50

Welcome to the captivating world of Seestar S50, where celestial wonders come to life! If you've ever gazed at the night sky, marveling at the beauty of the stars, planets, and celestial events, then Seestar S50 is your ultimate companion in unraveling the mysteries of the universe. We have prepared a selection of frequently asked questions to provide you with in-depth insights into Seestar S50.


Q: Does Seestar S50 allow subsequent processing of images?

A: Absolutely! Seestar S50 automatically saves enhanced images in FITS format, giving users the flexibility to perform post-processing based on the saved images. Moreover, our Pro Mode, coming soon, will introduce exciting additional features, including the ability to save individual images from each exposure for users to further enhance and personalize.

Observe Scott Cumella as he skillfully processes raw data from the Seestar S50, unveiling the exceptional quality it delivers. Immerse yourself in an exploration of four deep space objects: M51, M57, M81, and M101. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the breathtaking results achieved with Seestar S50's advanced capabilities.

Q: Is Seestar's tripod expandable? What is its minimum/maximum length?

A: The carbon fiber tripod that accompanies the Seestar S50 is indeed expandable. It boasts a maximum extended height of 363mm and a compact storage length of 274.5mm, making it easily portable and perfect for capturing celestial wonders on the go. The tripod features a standard 3/8" screw for seamless attachment to the Seestar S50. Moreover, the S50 can also be connected to various photo tripods via a 3/8" screw thread, providing versatility in its use.


Q: Can Seestar's lens be used as a telephoto lens in the scenery mode?

A: Absolutely! Under the scenery mode, Seestar S50's lens showcases its prowess as an equivalent to a 1750mm ultra-telephoto lens, empowering users with a true 70x optical fixed focus. The impressive maximum exposure of 50ms in scenery mode, coupled with the light-gathering power of the 50mm lens, enables the S50 to deliver exceptional low-light night vision functionality, capturing breathtaking moments even in challenging lighting conditions.



Q: What is the glass material used in Seestar? What is the focal ratio?

A: Seestar S50 is engineered with cutting-edge technology, featuring a triple APO design complemented by low-dispersion ED glass. With an impressive F5 focal ratio, the S50 exhibits extraordinary imaging capabilities akin to professional refracting telescopes of the same aperture. This exceptional combination allows users to capture crisp and clear celestial images, making Seestar S50 a top choice for both amateur and seasoned astronomers.



Seestar S50 opens up a world of possibilities in celestial observation and photography. Whether you are a passionate stargazer or an aspiring astrophotographer, Seestar S50 is your gateway to exploring the wonders of the universe like never before. Stay tuned for the upcoming Pro Mode, and unleash the full potential of your astronomical adventures with Seestar S50! With Seestar S50, everything you've ever wanted to know is right at your fingertips.

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