An Enchanting Night with the ZWO Seestar

Picture a dazzling display of meteors streaking across the night sky, creating a spectacle that leaves you in awe. That's exactly what we experienced with the ZWO Seestar in mid-August in Hangzhou's Caoshangang, the renowned Stargazing City.

ZWO Seestar Meteor Shower

This unforgettable event was brought to you by the Hangzhou Astronomical Society and hosted in collaboration with Suzhou ZWO Co., Ltd., Alibaba Astronomy Group, and Ant Group Astronomy Education Team.


ZWO Seestar Meteor Shower

Star of the Show - the ZWO Seestar 🌟🔭

What set this event apart was the star of the show, the ZWO Seestar S50 all-in-one smart telescope from Suzhou ZWO Co., Ltd. Under the serene canopy of stars, we embarked on a journey to capture the essence of the cosmos with this amazing smart astronomical telescope which has recently began delivery.

ZWO Seestar Examples

As meteors lit up the night, the Seestar S50 worked its magic, revealing hidden treasures in the vast expanse of space. From distant galaxies to star clusters and intricate nebulae, the Seestar S50 brought these celestial wonders closer to us than ever before, and will for any user! Its user-friendly features and outstanding value impressed not only seasoned astrophotographers but also newcomers, adding a  touch of enchantment to this celestial event.

ZWO Seestar Examples

Take a moment to savor some of the breathtaking images captured by the Seestar S50!

ZWO Seestar Examples

The Perseid meteor shower itself was nothing short of a natural spectacle, where science met romance under the glittering night sky. As we basked in the tranquility of the cosmos, it felt as though we were embraced by the very stars themselves, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Looking ahead, our passion for astronomy fuels our commitment to bridging the gap between technology and the wonders of the universe. Our mission is to make the cosmos accessible to all, ensuring that astronomy remains an enjoyable and captivating pursuit.

ZWO Seestar
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