Seestar – Continuously Evolving with Solar Timelapse Imaging

Since April 2023, the Seestar S50 has provided beginner astrophotography capabilities to the world.  In the short time that the Seestar has been in production, its users have clamored for more options and usability. 

We have seen some amazing image results, positive experience reviews and a slew of requests for enhancing the Seestar user workflow.  And our ZWO development team has listened!

Seestar Solar Timelapse

The Seestar isn’t just made for incredible nighttime astrophotography.  Solar observing and imaging has been used successfully since the onset of the Seestar, and if you haven’t tried it yet view the tutorial on how simple it is for solar observing and imaging!


Solar Timelapse Imaging

Most recently, we have added a new feature for solar timelapse imaging.  This allows you to frame the sun, set it for a long set of quick exposures and go!  The results are remarkable!

Seestar Solar Timelapse

Copyright: Wayne Boudreaux


Seestar Solar Timelapse

It is just as easy capturing a time lapse image as it is a single photo or image of the sun.  First and foremost, ⚠️ DO NOT OBSERVE THE SUN DIRECTLY! For solar photography, make sure you have the provided solar filter installed.

 After setting up your Seestar, enter Solar mode and simply press the Timelapse mode button on the imaging menu.

Select the delay preference between images, you can choose 1 – 60 seconds, and press the red imaging button again to start the sequence, and again to stop.  Note that, like any timelapse, the shorter the delay the smoother your final video will be.  But also note that the file size will be larger.

Seestar Solar Timelapse

Once timelapse has stopped, it will take some time for the software to combine all of the images taken.  The longer the timelapse, the longer the processing time will take so be patient.

Stay informed on what is coming next with the Seestar, including lunar time lapse mode. 

We are constantly evolving and bringing the community what they want - which makes ZWO different from the rest.  Innovation is our motivation!  Clear skies!


Seestar S50


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